Interview with Xiao Chengzhu, General Manager of Ruida Technology: Motion control technology is expected to reach international first-class level

2019-12-17 12:00:00

Reporter: Could you briefly introduce what products Ruida Technology operates and what kind of services it can provide to customers?

Mr. Xiao: Ruida Technology mainly uses motion control as the core and provides a series of industrial control products around the application of the laser processing industry. At present, it mainly focuses on motion control, laser cutting, laser marking, machine vision and other core components of automation. Application and research. Based on our many years of experience in the laser industry, we provide customers with a series of consulting and services from selection, manufacturing and industry customization.


General Manager of Shenzhen Ruida Technology Co., Ltd. Xiao Chengzhu

Reporter: What is the relationship between your products and services and laser applications? Which equipment products are generally used in lasers?

Mr. Xiao: Although we take motion control as the core, our industry application is mainly laser processing industry. Covers almost all CO2, fiber, and UV laser processing applications. The CO2 cutting applications are mainly concentrated in the advertising, apparel manufacturing and electronics manufacturing industries. For metal cutting applications, our company provides fiber cutting solutions from 300W to 3KW. Industry applications cover non-metal cutting, sheet metal cutting, laser marking and precision processing, surface treatment, etc. Zh

Reporter: Many people are familiar with lasers and laser machines, but do n’t know much about supporting control systems. What role does the control system play on laser machines? What is the difference between good and bad motion control?

Mr. Xiao: The motion control system is equivalent to the brain of a machine, and it is used to coordinate and manage the cooperative work of all components. Is the key to the pros and cons of the entire system integration solution. When users define a device, the first thing they want to do is what kind of machine to make and what they want to do. For example, if you want to cut the acrylic board, the laser selected at this time will be a carbon dioxide laser. If there are two axes, a two-dimensional motion control system is selected ... All configurations are related to application requirements.

A good motion control system is embodied at the technical level: first, the motion performance must be very good, greatly improve the motion efficiency, and have high accuracy and good stability. Second, it has good compatibility with lasers, and can control different types of lasers to maximize the performance of lasers. The merger of the two can meet some special process requirements of customers.

Reporter: What are the advantages and characteristics of your company's processing control system compared with other products of the same industry?

Mr. Xiao: At present, there are many companies engaged in motion control applications, but there are a wide range of motion control applications, including: two-dimensional motion, three-dimensional motion, robots and synchronous motion, etc., their applications are different. We have been focusing on the field of 2D and 3D motion control for so many years, focusing on the field of laser cutting. We have accumulated a lot of experience related to laser applications and motion control. Control System. Of course, we also have some competitors with similar products, and the competition is also fierce. However, with years of professional development and technology accumulation, continuous innovation and upgrading of technology, we have formed a unique corporate competitiveness.

Reporter: In the laser industry, most companies are engaged in "hardware" products, and your company is engaged in "software" products. Does this help your company to obtain more market opportunities to a certain extent?

Mr. Xiao: The competition of motion control system is definitely the competition of software level. The cost of hardware is declining and the functions of hardware are becoming stronger. value. We have always attached great importance to the development of software to meet the various requirements of customers.

Reporter: We have learned that many software control systems used by domestic laser equipment companies were provided by foreign countries. In recent years, domestic suppliers have also developed. In your opinion, has the domestic motion control system reached the level of foreign technology? ?

Mr. Xiao: Objectively speaking, in high-end applications, domestic technology is still a little distance from foreign countries. For example, the five-axis system in a machine tool, the most typical five-axis linkage, although it is also done in China, it is far from the level of foreign technology. ; For example, it involves military industry processing, which cannot be done domestically, and all rely on foreign products. However, in the low-end applications, such as two-dimensional and three-dimensional applications, domestic motion control technology is also developing faster and faster. I think that the domestic motion control technology will have the opportunity to catch up with the first-class level in the future, because domestic equipment manufacturing is now developing very well. In addition to the 2025 plan formulated by the state, both of them have great development and application of motion control technology. Big boost.

Reporter: The development of high-level motion control systems by Ruida Technology is in line with the state's concept of promoting intelligent manufacturing and automated production. Based on the field of laser processing, what challenges will be encountered in the promotion of the application of automated control systems?

Mr. Xiao: The automation control system is a big direction. We just do the motion control. There are many system integrations involved in the automation control system. We are only one of them. There are many technologies included in the system integration. There may be more than ten technologies. So to truly do the automation control system integration work, we need to be more comprehensive. Technology to support. It needs to have very good partners and strong system integration capabilities.

Reporter: What kinds of market applications will Ruida Technology consider to develop in the future, and what kind of development goals and plans do you have?

Mr. Xiao: Our market promotion should be based on our existing two-dimensional cutting products. Because this series of products has a domestic market share of more than 60%, we will refine our motion control technology on this basis. This basic technology will be further developed, and then our technology will be invested in other hot, complex, and more market-oriented industries, such as fiber optic lasers, precision cutting, laser welding and other applications.

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