RDC6585PC Integrated with Laser Processing and Glue (Ink) Spraying

2020-01-08 12:00:00

The times are constantly developing, and technological innovation has improved with time, and China has been developing laser cutting for nearly 20 years. In recent years, with the advancement of laser cutting technology, the procurement cost has also dropped significantly, but the process has improved significantly. Most companies have joined the R & D and production camp of laser products one after another, and they are constantly improving in technology.


"Chinese laser enterprises" are constantly refreshing people's attention and quickly pushing the laser market in China into a new era. Among them, laser cutting products are particularly prominent in the market. In recent years, with the industrial upgrading of some traditional processing industries and the need for personalized customization, people have higher requirements for existing equipment. The multifunctional composite processing workstation is very suitable for equipment manufacturers to customize requirements or realize the composite process. According to the market demand, Ruida Technology keeps close with customers and devotes itself to developing a special control system that integrates laser processing and glue scribing.


 RDC6585PC, while achieving laser cutting and engraving, also has the function of spraying or scribing. It has related applications in the clothing processing, shoemaking industry and other furniture, 3C industries. This control system provides customers with a highly integrated Cost-effective solution. The control system has better hardware stability, anti-high voltage, anti-static interference 




The human-machine operating system based on the 5-inch color screen has a more friendly operation interface and more powerful functions. The controller includes more complete and better motion control functions, including laser cutting and scanning processing; and glue spray and scribing control based on PSP technology. You can set the processing method of this layer in the layer, such as cutting, engraving, spraying glue, etc., which can be freely combined, and users can set it according to their needs, which is very flexible.



The expansion reserves multiple general / dedicated IO control interfaces, as well as multiple peripheral interconnect interfaces. It has strong scalability and is also compatible with many customers' customized requirements. The system can also be equipped with a vision system based on the customer's needs, which can realize operations such as positioning and lifting, greatly improving production and processing efficiency.


Ruida Technology consistently upholds the tenet of customer first, provides customers with cost-effective integrated solutions, and continuously pursues technological innovation and cross-domain technical applications, which not only solves the application problems of subdivided industries, but also improves production efficiency In the future, Ruida Technology will continue to work hard to improve the service quality of laser products, increase the user experience, and take advantage of its expertise in motion control system development to address the most urgent and practical needs of users in order to better serve the community.