Ruida Technology organizes employees to travel to Hunan for a red tour?

2019-12-17 12:00:00

Ruida Technology regards employees as the core competitiveness of the company's development, and pays attention to providing employees with a good corporate culture and humane care. Since its establishment, the company has organized various team building and tourism development activities for its employees, which has greatly enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of its employees. From August 31st to September 2nd, all employees of Ruida Technology participated in the "2018 Happy Changsha, Red Shaoshan, Beautiful Phoenix Tour", admiring the former residence of great men and inspiring entrepreneurial passion.


On August 31, we visited the national key scenic spot, which is also one of China's four major maple viewing spots: Yuelu Mountain Love Evening Pavilion. Yuelu Mountain is located on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River in the ancient city of Changsha and is the 72nd peak of Nanyue. In the afternoon, we will visit Orange Island, the largest city in the world, next to Orange Island. Before the statue of Mao Zedong, the world's largest youth, everyone felt Chairman Mao's grandeur of "pointing up the mountains and inspiring words".



On September 1, we arrived at Shaoshan, where the red sun rises. Shaoshan has excellent natural and ecological environment. It belongs to the subtropical monsoon humid climate zone with four distinct seasons. Surrounded by mountains, towering peaks and mountains, magnificent, green bamboo and pine, beautiful countryside, interesting mountains and rivers. We visited the former residence of Chairman Mao. The former residence of Mao Zedong was the place where Mao Zedong was born and adolescents. It is located in Shaoxan, Shaoshan City, Hunan Province. The former residence is made of civil structure, mud brick walls, small green tiles, and 13 existing houses. It was built by Mao ’s father Mao Shunsheng. It is a common farmhouse in the south. The total construction area is 472.92 square meters. Under the leadership of President Xiao, we look forward to the bronze statue of the chairman, dedicating a flower basket and remembering Chairman Mao. The bronze statue of Mao Zedong was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mao Zedong ’s birth. The square is located in front of the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall in Shaoshan, facing southeast, and Song Songshan. With the towering Shaofeng as the background, it is adjacent to Mao ’s Ancestral Hall and Mao Jiangong Ancestral Hall. The square is majestic and wide, solemn.



On September 2nd, we came to the ancient city of Phoenix, the most beautiful small city in China that has long been fascinated, visited the scenery of the Minjiang River, strolled the blue stone board road, and experienced a thousand years of heavy historical and cultural precipitation. Rows of big red lanterns hung above the ancient hanging feet, conveying festive and auspicious messages.



Ruida Technology, headquartered in Shenzhen, is dedicated to the independent research and development and services of motion control, machine vision, laser marking and cutting, and automation core components. The company has many years of application experience in the motion control industry. At the same time, it has a core research and development team composed of multiple expert-level research and development personnel. Based on the field of laser processing, Ruida Technology will gradually expand to the field of automation control to provide complete industry solutions for equipment manufacturers.