Shenzhen Ruida Technology Co., Ltd. National Day Holiday Arrangement

2019-12-17 12:00:00

Dear Customer:

Hello! According to the national statutory holidays and the actual situation of the company, Shenzhen Ruida Technology Co., Ltd. National Day holiday arrangements are as follows:

7 days from October 1 to October 7, 2019;

Work starts on September 30 (Monday) and October 8 (Tuesday).

Road traffic is congested during the holidays, and logistics and freight conditions are tight. Therefore, please customers to place an order quickly before the holiday to avoid prolonging the arrival time of the products.

During the holiday, related matters are welcome to contact at any time.

Phone: 0755-26066687
Fax: 0755-26982287

After-sales technical services: 15013812131 (Mr. Guo)

Pre-sales technical support: 15013812576

Complaint Tel: 13902961737

Company Address: 3rd Floor, Phase 1, Shekou Wanggu Technology Building, 1067 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Postcode: 518031


Company email:



South China area:

Dongguan Office:

Contact: Manager Gong
Mobile: 13823164905

Guang Zhou office:

Contact: Li Guoxiong

Mobile: 13510739932


Shenzhen Office:

Contact 1: Li Detao

Mobile: 13510381935


Contact 2: Hu Zhe

Mobile: 15013818293


North China Region

Jinan Office:
Contact 1: Manager Sheng (Cheng Ming)
Mobile: 15098899916


Contact 2: Zhang Congyan

Mobile: 13902962507

Contact 3: Sheng Qiancheng

Mobile: 13510381902


Central China Region

Wuhan Office:
Contact: Manager Gao
Mobile: 15013819602


East China Region

Suzhou Office:

Contact: Shao Ziyun

Mobile: 13632571306




Thank you for your continued support and trust! I wish you a happy holiday!

Shenzhen Ruida Technology Co., Ltd.

September 28, 2019

Shengshihua's Birthday

As the name of the mountains and rivers, we are about to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. With a span of 70 years, New China has undergone tremendous changes. A great country full of hope and vitality is already standing in the east of the world!

The Chinese people have achieved a historic leap from a backward era to a big step to catch up with the times and lead the times. They have ushered in a great leap from standing up, getting rich to becoming stronger, and have never been closer to the great goal of national rejuvenation.

Guanshan Fit in 70 years, a glimpse in 70 years. The 70-year glory is an exclamation mark for China's modern history and a comma for the great cause of national rejuvenation. Xiongguan Mandao is as iron as iron, and now he is striding forward from scratch.

In this beautiful day, let us like the motherland together! Happy birthday to my dear motherland! Prosperous!

Ruida Technology is a high-tech company focusing on high-performance motion control and laser control technology. We have 10 years of R & D and application experience in the field of laser and motion control. We can provide customers with an open, flexible, reliable and stable industry. Control technology and customized system solutions. We continue to maintain a leading edge in small and medium power laser cutting, and can provide our customers and partners with differentiated competitive advantages.

On the basis of emphasizing independent innovation, Ruida Technology has continued to cooperate closely with relevant domestic universities and scientific research institutions, and actively introduced foreign advanced motion control technology in accordance with market demand, and has continuously developed new products that meet market demand and have high cost performance . Ruida's products cover motion control, machine vision and automation product lines. Its products mainly include small and medium power laser cutting systems, visual positioning recognition cutting systems, marking systems, high power laser cutting systems and automation control products.