Standard CCD Visual Cutting and Engraving System

RDC6342G system is the latest generation of laser engraving / cutting control system based on RDC6342G developed by Ruida Technology. The control system supports 4 axes laser control, 2 axes interpolation function, double head synchronous processing, large format splicing feeding, Mark point and feature matching function.


  • Name Specification
  • Laser source CO2 glass tube, CO2 RF tube and UV lasers
  • Axis 4
  • Laser channel 2
  • Communication interface Ethernet, USB and WIFI (optional)
  • Panel 3.5” color screen + keys, Linus operating system
  • Feeding U axis feeding, sheet feeding/large format segmentation feeding
  • Installment encryption Support
  • Onboard clock Support
  • Firmware upgrade Support the remote upgrade of mainboard and panel program
  • Rotary processing Y axis rotation
  • Engraving function Plane engraving, slope engraving and gray engraving
  • Resume processing after power failure Support
  • Software RDWorksV8, plug-in software RDPlug, virtual printing and RDPlug
  • Operating system WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10, 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Language 11 languages including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Spanish, Korean, and Italian
  • Size Panel:L170mm*W120mm*H38.6mm Mainboard:L210mm*W134mm*H25mm


  • Support double head automatic typesetting and Add leftover material function
  • Support feeding line by line
  • 320*240TFT screen
  • 10/100M Ethernet+ USB2.0 communication mode
  • Mainboard integrates time system, hardware encryption and stable and reliable algorithm
  • Supports 4 axes motor control
  • Modify layer parameters such as energy/ speed online or offline on the panel
  • Directly modify manufacturer/ user parameters on the panel


Mainly focusing on non-metal laser cutting and engraving, including fabric, leather, wood, paper, acrylic, PMMA, rubber & plastics, smart phone accessory, etc.