Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Controller

RDS3040F-PCI fiber laser metal cutting controller supports multi-brand fiber laser sources and wireless handle operation.. It can match the closed loop adjustment controller externally. Usually, it works with LaserCutist2.0 software


  • Name Specification
  • Laser Fiber laser
  • Height control loop-locked height control
  • Axis 4
  • Laser channel 1
  • Communication interface PCI
  • Panel 5.7” color screen + keys
  • Feeding Support automatic feeding
  • Onboard clock Support
  • Firmware upgrade Remote upgrade of mainboard program
  • Cutting function Plane metal cutting
  • Software LaserCutist, support punching, lead, bridge and micro connection
  • Operating system Win7, Win8, Win10
  • Language Simplified Chinese, English
  • Size Panel: L235mm*W155mm*H33.5mm Mainboard: L308mm*W150mm*H78mm


  • 1. Supports up to 4 axes, and each axis can be configured as stepper or servo motor control by users according to needs
  • Supports open loop servo control
  • Linear interpolation
  • 4-axis continuous trajectory motion
  • Tangent control of multi-axis trajectory
  • On-board hardware parameter saving and encryption function
  • On-board time control system
  • 28 IO outputs, 16 IO inputs
  • Multiple kinds of welding ripples and custom ripple
  • Support multiple kinds of laser control
  • PC-based motion controller


Suitable for metal cutting in sheet metal, auto parts, handicrafts and utensils industries.