Laser Cleaning Control System

The embedded laser cleaning control system is a controller specially developed for laser cleaning developed by Ruida Technology. Support helical scanning and linear scanning. Spiral scanning can well avoid the traditional zebra crossing phenomenon of linear filling scanning. The system is easy to operate, and can display scanning parameters, alarm information, and movement status in real time.


  • Name Specification
  • Laser Handheld high power continuous fiber laser, pulse fiber laser
  • Galvanometer protocol XY2-100
  • Communication interface RS232
  • Input and output Support multi-channel general input and output
  • External protection 3 channels IO input
  • Control function Support online power and frequency adjustment, tri-color light control and external start and stop
  • External alarm input Support laser alarm, cooling system alarm and other protection input
  • AD/DA Support analog quantity input and output function
  • Installment encryption Support
  • Onboard clock Support
  • Firmware upgrade Remote upgrade of panel and mainboard program
  • Distance induction Support external laser displacement sensor input
  • Cleaning technology Multi tap screw cleaning
  • Language Simplified Chinese, English
  • Size Panel: L210mm*W150mm*H24mm Mainboard: L155mm*W120mm*H55mm


Applied in the removal of dust, paint, glue and oil as well as the mould repair