Information Management System

RDIMS is Ruida information management collection communication equipment, which can easily realize the environmental information collection, alarm output and status return. It is connected with Ruida controller with different models through serial port (232/485) to collect and monitor information of complex environment. It can also help users view local device data and know the running status of the device. RDIMS with Ruida gateway and RDcloud can achieve remote data query and analysis, remote maintenance and configuration.


  • Name Specification
  • DC power supply 24V
  • Analog quantity input 11 channel
  • Analog quantity 2 channel
  • Temperature collection range 20℃-74℃
  • Alarm input 10 channel
  • Universal input 4 channel
  • Universal output 4 channel
  • Alarm output 1 channel
  • RS232 telecommunication Two channel
  • RS485 telecommunication One channel
  • Signal lights. 20


  • Temperature collection such as indoor temperature, mirror, focusing mirror, water chiller and protective mirror
  • AD signal collection and output
  • Input signal detection and output port control
  • Temperature warning and IO alarm
  • Monitor the status of external devices such as laser power supply and water chiller