Laser Welding System

RDH3040G-PCI laser welding system supports multiple kinds of welding waveform, which can also be customized. It also supports multiple IO input and output and demonstration teaching function.


  • Name Specification
  • Laser Handheld high power continuous fiber laser
  • Galvanometer protocol XY2-100
  • Communication interface RS232
  • Motion control Double pendulum of galvanometer
  • Input and output Support multi-channel general input and output, used for auxiliary gas control
  • External protection One channel welding protection input
  • Control function Support online power and frequency adjustment, support external start and stop
  • External alarm input Support laser alarm, cooling system alarm and other protection input
  • AD/DA Support analog quantity input and output function
  • Installment encryption Support
  • Onboard clock Support
  • Firmware upgrade Support the upgrade of system by U disk
  • Welding process Support automatic wire feeding, gas activation delay , gas closure delay, slow rise and fall of power
  • Welding technology Support spiral welding of single and double pendulum of galvanometer
  • Language Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English
  • Size Panel: L235mm*W155mm*H33.5mm Mainboard: L308mm*W150mm*H78mm


  • Supports up to 4 axes, each axis user can be configured as stepper or servo motor control according to needs
  • Supports open loop, closed loop and full closed loop servo control
  • Linear interpolation, arc interpolation and B-spline interpolation
  • 4 axis point movement
  • single axis custom acceleration and deceleration curve
  • Tangent control of multi-axis trajectory
  • On-board hardware parameter saving and encryption function
  • On-board time control system
  • 28 IO outputs, 16 IO inputs


Suitable for handheld laser galvanometer welding, focusing on metal welding including aluminum, iron, stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, etc., or mixed welding of aluminum, copper and stainless steel