Intelligent laser control module

RDEncLas400G intelligent laser control module is a controller developed by Ruida Technology for various laser control. The laser control module can be used with various types of motion control boards or controllers to complete the application of motion control + laser control. Based on this module, the traditional motion controller or CNC system can be transformed into a laser motion control system.


  • Name Specification
  • Laser CO2, fiber and UV lasers
  • Control mainboard Ordinary motion controller or CNC system
  • Feedback interface Axis pulse or the encoder interface supports up to 3 channels
  • Interface IO interface and axis pulse interface
  • Laser control mode PSS, PSV and PSP modes
  • Laser power Power follow
  • Communication interface RS232 serial port
  • Analog quantity output 2 channels
  • PWM parameter Maximum frequency 500KHz, precision of 0.1%, compatible with 5V and 24V
  • General IO 5 channels general input, 5 channels general output
  • High speed IO input 2 channels
  • Analog quantity input 1 channel, 0-10V
  • External emergency stop Support
  • Remote upgrade Support
  • Size L193mm*W108mm*H22mm