Spray Cutting Integrated Control System

RDC6585PC system is a new generation of spray-cut integrated control system developed by Ruida Technology. The human-machine operating system based on the 5-inch color screen has a more friendly operation interface and more powerful functions. With multiple general/ special IO control interfaces and many external interconnection interfaces, the controller has perfect and excellent motion control functions, and can realize laser processing and glue spraying processing separately. And it can not only be used for single laser plus glue spraying processing, but also for driving the double head models of synchronous processing with single belt or multiple belts. And it can realize two-channel laser and glue spraying synchronous processing by layers.


  • Name Specification
  • Laser CO2 glass tube and CO2 RF tube
  • Nozzle Support solenoid valve and piezoelectric valve
  • Axis 8
  • Laser channel 2
  • Spray adhesive channel 2
  • Double head synchronous Support
  • Communication interface Ethernet, USB
  • Panel 5” color screen + keys
  • Feeding U axis feeding/ Y and U axes feeding synchronously, ordinary feeding, ultra-wide segmentation feeding
  • Double coordinate system processing Not support
  • Cutting Support
  • Glue spray process Support the adjustment of position and amount of glue spray, delay process control
  • Model Ordinary model, realize 2 channels laser processing and spray processing
  • Installment encryption Support
  • Onboard clock Not support
  • Firmware upgrade Remote upgrade of panel and mainboard program
  • Software RDWorksV8
  • Size Panel: L180mm*W140mm*H42.1mm Mainboard: L211.5mm*W134mm*H33mm
  • Language 12 languages including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, and Italian
  • Accessories Wireless handheld box, RD-APP and RD-WIFI


Suitable for glue spray, dispensing, drawing lines and laser application cutting in clothing, leather, toys, shoes and 3C industries.