Standard Fiber Control System

RDC6563FG-LITE standalone fiber cutting control system features better hardware stability, anti-high voltage and anti-static interference, which is independently developed by Shenzhen Ruida Technology Co., LTD. Besides, it integrates special time system and supports hardware encryption algorithm, and Ethernet and USB communication with PC. Based on capacitive sensing technology, Z axis is an automatic height controller adopting high--performance amplifier and professional anti-interference design, which greatly increases the speed of motion and response of the height controller and achieves the accurate automatic height control. When working with RDCutist software, it can activate functions like Frog, Flight cutting and No rise


  • Name Specification
  • Laser Fiber, CO2 glass tube and CO2 RF lasers
  • Height control loop-locked height control /pulse height control
  • Axis 6
  • Laser channel 2
  • Communication interface Ethernet, USB and WIFI (optional)
  • Panel 5.6” color screen + keys
  • Feeding Support automatic feeding
  • Installment encryption Support
  • Onboard clock Support
  • Firmware upgrade Remote upgrade of panel and mainboard program
  • Cutting function Metal and non-metal mixed cutting
  • Engraving function Plane engraving
  • Software RDCutist, support punching, lead, bridge and micro connection
  • Operating system Win7, Win8, Win10
  • Language Simplified Chinese, English
  • Size Panel: L235mm*W155mm*H33.5mm Mainboard: L308mm*W150mm*H78mm
  • Accessories Automatic Typesetting Nesting Software


  • Support standalone operation and the modification of offline manufacturer parameter, user parameter and file processing attributes
  • Support 6 axes, integrated full digital height control system, high precision capacitance sensor, dynamic servo accuracy less than 01mm, detection accuracy less than 0.01
  • Realize the automatic calibration function of the capacitance parameter, matched with any cutting head
  • Layer parameter supports cutting height and speed setting, meeting the demand of various processing technics
  • Support multistage pierce, step pierce and pulse pierce
  • Support frog, fly cutting and no rise functions
  • Support manual and continuous switch and speed key switch
  • Support metal processing technic, such as die-cutting and pre-piercing
  • Support large-format panoramic visual cutting, Mark point vision positioning and cutting


Suitable for metal cutting in sheet metal, auto parts, handicrafts and utensils industries.