5” Touch Screen Laser Cutting and Engraving System

-Based on the MODBUS RTU communication protocol -With open-source HMI, provide the source code of HMI for customers to customize HMI operation pages based on the configured development environment.Compatible with most touch screens based on this protocol in the market


  • Name Specification
  • Laser source CO2 glass tube, CO2 RF tube and UV lasers
  • Axis 4
  • Laser channel 2
  • Double heads asynchronous Support
  • Communication interface Ethernet, USB and WIFI (optional)
  • Feeding U axis feeding, Y and U axes feeding synchronously, sheet feeding/large format segmentation feeding
  • Installment encryption Support
  • Onboard clock Not support
  • Firmware upgrade Support the remote upgrade of mainboard and panel program
  • Rotary processing Y or U axis rotation mode is optional
  • Engraving function Plane engraving, slope engraving and gray engraving
  • Resume processing after power failure Support
  • Software RDWorksV8, plug-in software RDPlug, virtual printing and RDPlug
  • Operating system WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10, 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Language 16 languages including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, etc
  • Size Panel: L81mm*W143.5mm*H16.6mm Mainboard: L180mm*W116.6mm*H33.1mm
  • Optional Accessories Wireless handheld box, RD-APP and RD-WIFI


  • Support standalone operation and U disk processing
  • Support offline modification of file attributes, manufacturer and user parameters
  • Support working hours preview, accurate to millisecond
  • Real-time display the processing path, coordinate point and progress bar
  • Automatic focusing by panel, support manual and automatic focusing
  • Support manual input or automatic acquire the coordinate of docking point
  • Abundant external auxiliary accessories are optional (wireless handheld box, RD-APP and RD-WIFI)
  • Extended interface for external device is convenient to customize demand


Mainly focusing on non-metal laser cutting and engraving, including fabric, leather, wood, paper, acrylic, PMMA, rubber & plastics, smart phone accessory, etc.