Medium and High Power Fiber Adapter Board

RD-MFIBER medium high power fiber adapter board is a kind of fiber laser interface mainly used for medium and high power developed by Ruida technology. For controlling a continuous fiber laser. Used with RDC6333F products.


  • Name Specification
  • Laser Low power fiber laser (continuous)
  • Control mainboard RDC6333F
  • Output power 0-10V analog voltage
  • Imput PMW Modulation frequency 5K-80K, duty ratio 1% -99%
  • Control functions Realize the conversion from 5V-PWM to 0-10V analog voltage and 24V-PWM of the main control board. Realize the conversion of TTL laser switch signal of the main control board to 24V logic signal
  • Size L84mm*W75mm*H25.5mm