Analog Amplifier

LFS-AP01-V3.0 analog amplifier is a high precision signal amplifier focused on height controller developed by Ruida Technology. It adopts high performance capacitance sensor to collect the capacitance in real time, provides feedback of the nozzle height after signal processing and performs height control with the LFS-AM-T43 height controller. Besides, it supports one-button capacitance calibration, real-time digital display of the voltage and collision alarm display.


  • Name Specification
  • Panel Digital display, support one decimal place
  • Communication interface Analog voltage detection
  • Laser cutting Metal and non-metal cutting
  • Sampling frequency 1000Hz
  • Detection distance 0-10mm
  • Dynamic follow precision ≤0.1mm
  • Real-time focus adjustment Support
  • Size Amplifier: L49mm*W56mm*H27.4mm