Yellow Wireless Handle

BWK301R adopts the high speed wireless communication built by handle and receiver to make it available for users to control the cutting machine stably through the control of mainboard by wireless handle within certain limits. It makes it convenient to debug and control the machine and increase the working efficiency and communication reliability for users. The control interconnects with all the offline controllers except RDLC320, RDC633XG, RDC633XM and RDC634XG controllers. And it works together with the operation panel without interference.


  • Name Specification
  • Wireless communication range 40m
  • Standby time More than 1 months
  • Control mode One transmitter matches one receiver without mutual interference
  • Control function 1 Start, pause and stop during cutting process Reset of mainboard Control the motion of X, Y, Z and U axes
  • Control function 2 Control speed and the opening and closure of follow, blow, optical shutter and auxiliary gas
  • Control function 3 Pulse, position, frame, home and cancel
  • Power switch None