2014 Ruida Technology Conghua Development Tour

2015-05-21 12:00:00

On the morning of the 1st, we went to the Liuxi River cruise to amuse the monkeys. In the afternoon, we carried out expansion training and we were divided into 2 teams. Under the leadership of the two captains, quickly determine the team name, slogan, team song, and formation to warm up; a group of Thunder Wolves led by General Manager Xiao, and another group of undefeated Eastern Team led by Chen Wenjun. The Thunder Wolves and the Eastern Undefeated Team have two events, namely, plum blossoms and interdependence. After the beginning, we all felt that this was not easy and quite easy; really did not really realize what is the same heart, what is mutual trust, and gain a lot when we hold hands together and step by step.

Then we carried out the rafting and crossing project under the guidance of the coach. We need everyone to work together to make a bamboo raft with bamboo, oil drums and rope. A team is divided into 2 sets, and a set is crossed across the river to insert the flag. Origin, set another origin to retrieve the flag and disassemble the bamboo raft. In this process, each team is doing their best. Of course, winning or losing is not very important. It is important in this process that we realize that it is possible to win only if everyone works together towards the same goal!