Ruida Technology Set Off Again―Munich Shanghai Expo

2018-03-17 12:00:00

about us

Ruida Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shenzhen, with a number of branches and offices throughout the country. Committed to the development and service of motion control, machine vision, sensors and automation core components, Ruida Technology has many years of experience in the motion control industry and accumulated more than 300,000 axes of industrial applications, providing customers with cost-effective from simple to complex applications product and service.

The products of Ruida Technology have covered the product lines of independent motion controllers, open multi-axis motion controllers, automation controllers and CNCs. Its main products are series of offline laser engraving and cutting system, PCI interface motion control card, USB / Ethernet motion controller, marking control system, standalone flying marking system, PLC series, CNC system, high precision sensor, CCD vision Processing system.

Ruida Technology's laser control products have been widely used in laser processing for low power and medium power applications and have maintained industry leadership. Based on the laser processing field, Ruida Technology has gradually expanded to the field of automation control to provide complete equipment manufacturers. Industry solutions.

"Striving for development and creating wealth" is our driving force, and "honesty, serving customers" is our bounden duty. Shenzhen Ruida company is willing to continue to launch a more cost-effective system solution based on the spirit of "Frankness, Pragmatism, Cooperation and Progress". We will continue to invest a lot of product development and services to ensure that customers in the market Leadership.


the Lord Push Produce Product
RDD6584G offline cutter controller
2RDM4024V-PCI visual marking controller 


3RDSmartVisionCut large-scale intelligent vision cutting system 


4RDF500G high-power fiber laser cutting control system