Publishment of RDC6445GT5 Standalone Laser Cutting System

2021-01-16 12:00:00

The RDC6445G standalone laser cutting control system with high performance, released by Ruida Technology in 2018, has been extensively applied in the automatic cutting and engraving of materials like clothing, leather, fabric, carton, acrylic, wood and metal sheet. With good product performance and comprehensive cost performance, it is critically acclaimed by customers.


Recently, we have launched an extension of RDC6445G—the RDC6445GT5 standalone laser cutting system, which adopts a newly designed touch screen as the human-machine interaction interface (5” and 7” are optional), greatly improving the user experience.

01  New human-machine interaction interface

RDC6445GT5 adopts new touch screen panel to make it convenient for users to operate. The touch screen has two sizes of 5” and 7” and two colors of black and white.




?Real -time display of processing status

Panel can have a real-time description of the motion trail of the controller to make the current processing graph clear for users.


The main interface of panel


?Upgrade the startup picture

Through RDWorksV8 matched with system, it can upgrade the startup screen of the panel at any time, which satisfies the personalized demand of manufacturers.


02 Standalone operation


?Modify manufacturer parameters and user parameters in off-line state.


Manufacturer parameters (motor parameter, key parameter, laser parameter, machine configuration, feeding parameter and rotary engraving) and user parameters (cutting parameter, engraving parameter, reset parameter, frame parameter and array processing method) can be modified through panel. Support parameter backup and restoration functions.


Manufacturer parameters modification


?Modify file processing attributes in off-line state.

Function setting such as array processing, feeding , rotation axis, multiple positioning points and repeated processing can be operated on the panel.


Array processing attributes setting


03 Support manual mode

In manual mode, the speed can be controlled by the speed key. Manual debugging includes movement axis, pulse, origin, IO diagnosis, cut frame, return and system reset.


Manual mode debugging


04 Support USB and Ethernet communication


?Import processing files through PC or U disk.


10/100M Ethernet +USB2.0. The mainboard automatically detects communication mode and easily establishes communication with equipment machine.



Simple steps, rapid production

1.Import files in RDWorksV8 matching the computer or directly insert U disk to import processing files.

2.Through RDWorksV8 matched with system, set parameters such as energy and speed according to the processed materials.

3.Output into the processing drawing. After receiving the command from computer, the equipment machine can carry out the processing task according to the flight line generated by the software. You can view the processing status and modify the file attributes in real time via panel.


128 memory onboard. File preview and file management can be performed through panel. Click memory and U disk button, it can switch the memory interface and U disk interface. It means that the file is to be processed to click “Select” button.


Panel reads the file list



?PC or U disk upgrades program.


Method 1: upgrade through PC

Open the system supporting software RDWorksV8, select “setting”, “system setting” and “mainboard information” in sequence in the menu bar. Click “mainboard upgrade” and choose RDC6445.upd.



Method 2: upgrade through U disk

Copy RDC6445.upd to the root directory of U disk, insert U disk to the USB interface, and then click “mainboard upgrade” in the U disk page of the file management interface on the panel.

Application fields

Extensively applied in the automatic cutting and engraving of materials like clothing, leather, fabric, carton, acrylic, wood and metal sheet with high machining precision and high efficiency.

Functions and features

1.Support up to 4 channels servo or stepping motor control


2.Support one channel extended serial port, which can communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld device (BWK201R,BWK301R) and other devices with standard RS232 interfaces.


3.Support 4 channels OC door output and can directly drive 5v/24 relay.


4.Support mobile app


5.Support double heads electric synchronous control and ultra-wide segmentation and cutting processing.


6.Support double heads asynchronous processing


7.Support large format visual cutting, Mark point vision cutting and projection cutting.


8.Support to upgrade panel program and the startup picture through PC


9.Support to upgrade mainboard and panel program through U disk



Focus on laser cutting field

Provide a complete set of solutions



The cutting system products of Ruida Technology cover the series products from offline to online. The products are highly compatible with the high voltage excited CO2 laser, RF excited CO2 laser, fiber and UV lasers series. The low power non-metal laser cutting system, medium power metal and non-metal laser cutting system and high power fiber laser cutting control system can provide complete solutions. The products are applied in ordinary cutting and precision cutting fields.