2019 South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo 丨 Ruida Technology Embraces Industry Users to Create a Smarter Future

2019-10-13 12:00:00

The South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo (LEAP Expo), co-sponsored by Munich Exhibitions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in conjunction with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Machinery Industry Branch of the Chinese Optical Society Successfully held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the 12th. This exhibition combines the three major exhibitions of Shenzhen International Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition, Munich South China Electronics Production Equipment Exhibition and South China Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Exhibition, which attracted nearly 300 exhibitors and brands to bring high-tech products to the exhibition. The 15,000 square meter exhibition area brought together 16,357 professional visitors.

The exhibition presents automation and robotics, intelligent solutions for electronic manufacturing, dispensing and injection equipment and materials, wiring harness processing and connection technology, advanced laser and processing application technologies in the unique form of "three exhibitions and one" and "five major sectors". The company's cutting-edge technology and intelligent solutions, including the individual segments and smart factory features, and the novel exhibition mode bring a new experience to the audience. The exhibition was crowded for three days and the talks continued.

The technology and customer service team of Ruida Technology brought some new products of visual marking system and optical fiber cutting system, and will meet with all guests at this exhibition (Booth No .: 2G92) and make in-depth exchanges, bringing more new and old customers The value and surprise.


The main products of the exhibition


Ruida technology strength





Ruida Technology is a high-tech company focusing on high-performance motion control and laser control technology,With 10 years of R & D and application experience in the field of laser and motion control, we can provide customers with open, flexible, reliable and stable industrial control technology and customized system solutions. We continue to maintain our leading edge in small and medium power laser cutting,Can provide our customers and partners with a differentiated competitive advantage.

On the basis of emphasizing independent innovation, Ruida Technology has continued to cooperate closely with relevant domestic universities and scientific research institutions, and actively introduced foreign advanced motion control technology in accordance with market demand, and has continuously developed new products that meet market demand and have high cost performance. . Ruida's products cover motion control, machine vision and automation product lines. Its products mainly include small and medium power laser cutting systems, visual positioning recognition cutting systems, marking systems, high power laser cutting systems and automation control products.