Ruida Technology Vibration Knife Control System Released

2019-06-28 12:00:00

RDD6584G is a cutting controller with cutting edge following control function independently developed by Ruida Technology. It integrates the processing of vibrating cutters, circular cutters, milling cutters, press wheels and other tools, and also integrates feeding, circular punching, Character special punching, brush processing, red light positioning and some other functions.

This controller supports single XY axis processing mode and independent dual XY asynchronous processing working mode, and at the same time supports dual tool heads with dual heads shifting. The controller can also support MARK point visual positioning cutting, large-format panoramic vision cutting, and projection cutting.

It can be widely used in the fields of automatic blade cutting and mixed punching processing of clothing, leather, cloth, carton and other materials. Besides replacing manual cutting to improve processing accuracy, processing efficiency and processing safety on a large scale, it can also avoid laser Environmental pollution caused by cutting and other processing methods, to achieve high-precision, high-efficiency, high-reliability, and environmentally-friendly automated processing.