Laser marking system focusing on Ruida Technology

2019-06-28 12:00:00

The laser motion control system based on galvanometer control has been widely used in laser marking, laser galvanometer cutting, laser welding, laser cladding, and laser cleaning. Ruida Technology has accumulated many years of technology in laser galvanometer control, and in addition to galvanometer control and laser control in platform technology, it also integrates multi-axis rotary motor motion control.

We are not only committed to the research and application of single-machine marking control system, but also to the research and application of the entire laser marking automation, so that a single laser marking equipment can be integrated into the entire factory automation control system.

At present, Ruida's marking product line covers ordinary 2D marking, flying marking, array marking and stitching marking, and visual marking. Laser marking products have rich hardware resources and software resources, so Ruida's laser marking products can complete diverse, complex and flexible laser processing functions, providing a hardware foundation for laser galvanometers and motor motion composite machining centers.

In addition, its highly compatible device interface standard can be easily integrated into external systems. The real-time information interaction system developed based on the Industry 4.0 architecture provides a common interface for information interaction with external factory automation and basic cloud platforms, and can be easily interfaced with MES systems and ERP systems.


We provide a very comprehensive product solution, so whether you want to choose standard product construction equipment or build modules with customized modules, we can meet your customization needs. We will serve the entire process of integration of users using our products until the products are put into use.

Our marking product line is compatible with lasers of different energy levels and different wavelengths, which means that you can find a control system suitable for marking. We provide innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective industry solutions and efficient marking products. High quality standards and reliability are the credibility of Ruida Technology.




Application area

Electronic components, hardware products, precision equipment, gift jewelry, glass crystal, advertising decoration, toys, electronics, clothing leather, medical packaging, food packaging, chip manufacturing and electronic processing

Product Features

  1. Dual-core control, two-way data processing, fast speed and high efficiency. 2. On-board calibration, fast speed and high accuracy. 3. Onboard encryption, safe and reliable. 4. 16-bit control accuracy of galvanometer, can achieve micron-level marking accuracy. 5. Strict laser and galvanometer synchronization control, high scanning consistency. 6. Support 4 axis linkage control, can realize a variety of automatic marking applications. 7. Support CO2, YAG, FIBER multiple lasers. 8. Support multi-card operation, unlimited expansion. 9. Support a variety of MES systems to achieve full traceability management after production and sales.

product list

RDM4024V-PCI: visual marking, support for feature recognition and MARK point-assisted location, optional range axis and pseudo coaxial.

RDM4024C-PCI: marking and cutting integrated controller.

DM4024G-PCI: ordinary marking.

RDM4024P-PCI: visual positioning, marking and cutting, support for feature identification and MARK point-assisted position, and support for side axes.

RDM6021G: Embedded flying marking system, fully offline operation, full touch 7-inch display, support encoder feedback.