Ruida Technology recruits talents

2019-05-10 12:00:00

Shenzhen Ruida Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, is dedicated to the independent research and development and services of motion control, machine vision, laser marking and cutting, and automation core components. The company has many years of application experience in the motion control industry. At the same time, it has a core research and development team composed of multiple expert-level research and development personnel.

Ruida technology products cover motion control, machine vision and automation product lines. Its products mainly include small and medium power laser cutting systems, visual positioning recognition cutting systems, marking systems, high power laser cutting systems and automation control products.

Ruida's laser control products have been widely used in small and medium power and maintain the leading position in the industry, while being exported to overseas markets. Based on the field of laser processing, Ruida Technology will gradually expand to the field of automation control to provide complete industry solutions for equipment manufacturers.

Due to the needs of the company's business development, we are looking for the following positions and look forward to joining you!


Position 1: Software Development Engineer




  1. Bachelor's degree or above, English passed College Level 4 or above, and good professional English reading ability.
  2. Majors related to mechatronics, industrial automation, computer-aided design and manufacturing, and applied mathematics.
  3. Proficient in C ++ language, VC, and VS series IDE programming framework (more familiar with industrial control systems, and CAD / CAM system developers are preferred).

4, responsible for the development of automated software, including software architecture design, code, debugging, verification, can adapt to short-term business trips;

  1. Motion control, familiar with upper and lower computer communication, familiar with commonly used communication protocols, such as TCP / IP, RS232, UDP, etc., familiar with manipulators, application development in visual acquisition is preferred.
  2. Familiar with the application of common industrial control boards such as motion control cards, data acquisition cards and communication cards.
  3. Have good problem analysis ability, logical thinking ability and self-learning ability, good health, cheerful and optimistic, sense of responsibility and honor.



Post 2: Vision R & D Engineer




  1. Full-time graduates from regular colleges and bachelor degree or above. Major: image processing, mechatronics, industrial automation, computer and other related majors.
    2, proficient in C ++, and other programming pre-languages, with rich experience in multi-threading, memory management, synchronization mechanism and message processing.
    3. Proficient in the application of OpenCV, halcon, mil and other open development platforms for the development of graphics and image algorithms.
    4. Ability to use third-party image processing algorithm packages such as Mil, Halcon, etc. is preferred.
    5, image matching applications such as feature matching, algorithm knowledge experience, contour recognition are preferred.



Post 3: Hardware Engineer




  1. Proficient in electronic design software such as PROTEL POWERPCB ORCAD, and have extensive experience in schematic design and PCB Layout.
    2, proficient in 51 series microcontrollers and ARM software and hardware development, software development experience under linux operating system is preferred.
    3. Familiar with the characteristics of common electronic components, and motor control experience is preferred.
    4. Experience in DSP, ARM and FPGA development is preferred;
    5. Dare to face difficulties, be willing to work hard, be good at studying and thinking, and have strong ability to analyze and solve problems.
    6, good health, cheerful personality, good at communication and teamwork.



Position 4: Sales Manager




1, 20-30 years old, college degree or above, not limited to men and women, marketing, computer and other related majors, capable of operating computers and using office software;

  1. Speak clearly, standard Mandarin, voice is contagious, have good communication skills and communication skills;

3, optimistic and cheerful personality, with strong learning ability, willing to engage in sales, have a strong professional ambition, and strong stress resistance;

  1. Possess certain market analysis and judgment ability, and good customer service awareness;
  2. Those with more than one year of industrial automation product sales experience are preferred.
  3. Place of work: Guangzhou, Dongguan, Wuhan, Suzhou, Jinan.

job requirements:

  1. Communicate effectively with customers over the phone to find potential customers;
  2. Demonstrate products and answer questions to customers on-site and online to accurately tap customer needs;
  3. Visit potential customers, display Ruida technology products, and promote cooperation;
  4. Develop new customers, maintain customer relationships and continuous development of old customers;
  5. Completing the personal sales goals set by the company every month, and completing the team goals together.


           Employee Benefits 


  1. The company will pay social security for employees and purchase housing provident fund in accordance with national regulations.
  2. Employees can enjoy statutory holidays, annual leave and paid holidays in all countries.
  3. The company organizes group exercises and travels from time to time.
  4. The company provides holiday care and other humanistic care such as birthday care.

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