Ruida Technology introduced a series of camera tooling components

2019-03-15 12:00:00

Ruida Technology has recently released the RDV6442G-M / RDV6445GZ-M / RDV6445G-M series camera tooling kit.。This product is a component in the RDV6442G-M, RDV6445GZ-M, RDV6445G-M series products, including the camera, lens, and light source, which is an integrated component,Lightweight and highly integrated.


Product acessories 

Light drive

Brightness adjustment line Length: 2m

Brightness tuner length: 2m

Light source connecting line 5m Length: 5m

Light cable length: 5m


power supply 

DC + 24V (above 2A)

DC 24V (> 2A)