Ruida Technology Attended 2018 Bangalore International Applied Laser and Optoelectronics Exhibition

2018-09-29 12:00:00


In order to strengthen the economic and trade cooperation and technical exchanges between China and India and South Asia in the field of laser and optoelectronic technology, and further develop the markets in India and South Asia, the China International Trade Promotion Council Machinery Industry Branch organized domestic laser and Optics-related companies participated in the 2018 Bangalore International Applied Laser and Optoelectronic Technology Exhibition in India. Ruida Technology was invited to participate in this exhibition.

India Bangalore International Applied Laser and Optoelectronic Technology Exhibition is the only laser and optical technology exhibition in India that shows the entire picture of the optoelectronic industry. It focuses on innovative products, solutions and industrial applications, and displays the industry in accordance with international standards, reflecting the international trend of industry development. The exhibition comprehensively showcased the optoelectronic industry, from parts and components to manufacturing equipment. The exhibits ranged from laser and optoelectronics, optics, optical manufacturing technology, sensors, test and measurement and optical measurement systems, imaging, lasers and laser systems for production engineering . The exhibition also successfully showcased the industry's leading companies.

Ruida Technology is a high-tech company focusing on high-performance motion control and laser control technology. We have 10 years of R & D and application experience in the field of laser and motion control. We can provide international customers with open, flexible, reliable and stable Industrial control technology and customized system solutions provide differentiated competitive advantages. At the beginning of its establishment, Ruida Technology paid attention to actively introducing advanced foreign motion control technology in accordance with market demands, and continued to develop new products that have high cost performance and meet the needs of international markets. Ruida's products cover motion control, machine vision and automation product lines. Its products mainly include small and medium power laser cutting systems, visual positioning recognition cutting systems, marking systems, high power laser cutting systems and automation control products. After years of expansion, Ruida Technology has now served overseas customers in nearly 20 countries on all continents, and has been trusted and recognized by the international market for a long time.

At this exhibition, the technical experts of Ruida Technology will share our product knowledge and solutions with the participants, and provide a window for mutual understanding and product experience for customers and visitors.


Guests are welcome to come to Bangalore International Applied Laser and Optoelectronic Technology Exhibition in 2018 to exchange and cooperate with Ruida Technology!

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