The review of LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2021

2021-10-09 12:00:00

The LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA has been held since 2006, it has become an annual gathering in China’s laser, optics and optoelectronics  Industries. The 16th LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 17 to 19, 2021.


In the “laser and optoelectronics” exhibition area of W3 hall, a grand gathering belonging to us started. Let’s took a look at the highlights of the exhibition.




Focusing on the market demand and with the constant innovation of products, Ruida technology displayed the latest generation of laser control products in the fields of CO2 cutting and engraving, optical fiber cutting, precision cutting, vibration knife cutting, laser marking and laser welding, attracting many new and old customers to come to exchange.


Vision marking controller RDM4024V-PCI


The beep of machine device shows the charm of laser marking. Ruida vision marking controller RDM4024V-PCI can realizes recognition and positioning of high-precision and 360 degree without dead angle.



Visitors to Ruida booth could get a small gift after scanning the QR code on the gift, which was produced by Ruida marking system.

Visitors could get a small gift after scanning the QR code in Ruida booth, which was produced by Ruida marking system.



Ruida Technology had a product demonstration for vision fiber laser cutting application. RDV6563F-NET supports multi-brand  fiber laser, support vision Mark point positioning  and  it can working standalone.



As an R&D intensive enterprise, on the basis of emphasis on independent innovation, Ruida Technology has always been conducting close cooperation with related domestic universities and scientific research institutions, and actively introducing the foreign advanced motion control technology in accordance with market demand to constantly produce new products with high quality and reliable performance.